top 10 bars along central and northern Jersey Shore

1. Bar Anticipation in Lake Como

Bar Anticipation is a rocking place to be on a Tuesday night during the summer, which is why it's in the top-10 best bars along the Jersey Shore. You'll find great bands on Fridays, along with DJ and dancing on Saturdays. Bar Anticipation has a massive outdoor bar.

2. Martell's Tiki Bar on the boardwalk in Point Pleasant Beach

One of the best known bars in all of New Jersey! Martell's boasts an indoor restaurant, outdoor raw bar, a food court along with an outdoor bar overlooking the beach. During the summer you will almost always find live music during the day and almost every night. There is a stage on the pier which always helps bring in a great crowd.

3. D'Jais in Belmar Beach

D'Jais is one of the…

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Shawn Clayton proud to announce that 1051 Ocean Avenue in Mantoloking is under contract in just 30 days!

1051 Ocean Avenue offers 470' of warm sands right on the ocean, on the market for $2.695m. Exceptional location to design and build the next Mansion on the beach.   

 For more information about Mantoloking homes and unique properties for sale, contract Shawn Clayton at 732-779-4607 or private message at  


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Point Pleasant Beach rentals and homes for sale

No doubt Enoch "Nucky" Thompson would be proud. Considering Nucky Thompson (Based on former real-life Atlantic City political figure Enoch L. Johnson) is the protagonist in HBO's Boardwalk Empire, he would surely enjoy the popular boardwalk at Point Pleasant Beach, which is on's list of Big 6 New Jersey Boardwalks.

Point Pleasant Beach's boardwalk first appeared in the summer of 1890. Then along came Charles Jenkinson, who stared carving out his own boardwalk empire in the 1920s by buying beachfront parcels of land. Soon the Jenkinson's Pavilion came about in 1928 and it had a bandstand, a massive dance hall, food booths and what has been referred to as the largest saltwater pool along the Jersey Shore.

Soon Jenkinson added carnival-type…

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Home Improvments, worthy home renovations

If you're going to do home improvements before you sell your home or just because it's time to take care of something in your house, there are renovations that pay off and improvements that don't really bring in much of a return. The average project only returns 66 cents for every dollar spent! Read on to learn what will pay the most dividends should you decide to sell your home.

Practical, Mid-range Projects Are Best

If you'd like to get 96.6% return on an upgrade, go out and get yourself a fancy new front door. Get one that's a mid-range steel door with a clear dual-pane half glass panel. While you're at it, get a new set of locks for it as well and add some new security. According to Remodeling Magazine, it will cost you (on average) $1,162…

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A new report from says the long-awaited construction of the steel seawall, that will protect Mantoloking and parts of Brick, NJ, from future super storms like Sandy, is set to begin in June.

A company called EIC Associates out of Springfield was awarded the contract (worth $23.8 million) by the state of New Jersey. As part of the winning bid, the contract stipulates the wall must be built within 180 days, meaning it should be done around November, 2014. The project cost will run up to about $40 million, with the federal government covering 80% of the costs, with the state picking up the tab on the remaining 20%.

The plan calls for 45-ft. high steel sheet pile to be driven vertically 30 feet into the ground, creating the foundation of…

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Route 35 contstruction and road work in the summer

Thanks to feedback from local businesses, state officials have now decided to end all roadwork along Route 35 for the summer. Concerns from business owners led to the change after the original plan called for the New Jersey Department of Transportation to continue working on the busy road along a 2.5-mile stretch between Brick and Toms River. That work is now scheduled to stop on June 13, allowing for smooth-flowing traffic during the busy summer holiday months.

The road is still being worked on after damage from Hurricane Sandy in October, 2012. The superstorm ripped up the roadway and, with federal aid, it's now a $265-million project to rebuild and repave the vital artery.

Transportation commissioner James Simpson recently met with business…

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Best beaches in New Jersey

When it comes to summer playgrounds and gorgeous beaches, the Jersey Shore area is one of the best along the East Coast. With summer quickly approaching, we thought it would be a good idea to let people know which are the best beaches in New Jersey along the Jersey Shore!

Best Overall Beach: Point Pleasant Beach

When it comes to a beautiful stretch of sand and ample activities for the whole family, Point Pleasant Beach takes the cake for best overall beach. You take Jenkinson's Boardwalk with its eateries, rides and activities, plus the golden sand on the beach and you've got one of the best beaches in New Jersey.

Best Family Beach: Bay Head

Bay Head is the last stop on the train and offers a beautiful expanse of sand and sea. The beach has…

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Bay Head & Mantoloking Rentals

Summer is just around the corner and it's not too late to find a great rental home in the Bay Head area of the Jersey Shore. The Jersey Shore is a premier vacation destination thanks to its gorgeous white-sand beaches, fantastic weather, and outstanding recreational opportunities.

Mantoloking rentals, Mantoloking vacation homes

There's a home to suit every family and every lifestyle. Clayton and Clayton offers some of the nicest Bay Head and Mantoloking rentals in the area, many of which are right on the ocean. Enjoy the morning sunrise with your cup of coffee from the beach in your front yard.

The stunning Mantoloking property in the photo to the right is on the bay and has a private beach! It features 4 bedrooms, 2 baths and tennis courts. It's available…

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For most people, buying a home is very big step in life. Buying a luxury or high-end waterfront home is an even bigger step. Taking that step means a lot of things need to be in order before you sign the contract that give you ownership of a high end home or condo. Here are 10 things to keep mind if you're looking for a home with a hefty price tag.

luxury home Ocean County New Jersey Mantoloking homes

1. Don't Just Look At Photos

Let's face it, some luxury homes aren't the most photogenic, and photos can hide cheap work. People interested in a specific home should search the property and immediate vicinity using Google Earth in order to see exactly what's around the Bay Head home, for example. Google Streetmap is another fantastic way to see the home as it sits relative to the road and neighboring…

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Know When To Sell Your Investment

when to sell an invesment home

Homes in the Bay Head and Mantoloking areas, along with many shore communities in Ocean and Monmouth Counties, are priced to sell and, behind the scenes, investors have been buying homes in the area for less than their previous value. Most investors already have homes of their own, and generally hold onto their investment home until they think it's a good time to sell and make the most money.

However, sometimes an investor who maybe wanted to quickly flip a home doesn't do so right away because the return would be too low. So he or she is forced to wait until home prices rise and during that time, they rent out the home.

Because of this, there are many property owners who are now wondering if this is a good…

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