A Few New Years Resolutions for Your Jersey Shore Home!

Posted by Shawn Clayton on Monday, January 4th, 2016 at 8:40am.

new years resolutions for your jersey shore home

It’s inevitable. Every year at this time, folks think back at the year past and begin to make resolutions to improve their lives. It’s all about personal reflection and individual improvement.

But what about the home? There are a number of simple, every day improvements you can make to your daily routine that will vastly improve the health and well-being of your Jersey Shore home. We’ve collected a number of small resolutions you can easily commit to that will have significant and far-reaching effects on your biggest investment: the home. Were you really going to stick to that personal resolution, anyway?

Cut Energy Usage

This has the dual benefit of both saving you money and the environment. Simple changes like installing a programmable thermostat and improving insulation can have significant benefits.

Start small. Check that the weather stripping in your windowsills aren’t dried out or cracked and the threshold on your door frames are set correctly. Then you can move on to inspecting your HVAC system to ensure joints are sealed and there aren’t any leaks. Efficient insulation is huge!

Use Less Water

Water is likely to be your other big expenditure. Similar to cutting energy usage, small every day changes can make a world of difference. Try to purchase EPA-certified products when it comes to replacing appliances; they are designed to make better use of water and energy.

Unsurprisingly two of the biggest culprits when it comes to water waste come from the bathroom: the shower and toilet. And both can be easily remedied. Newer low-flow shower heads use much less water while maintaining a decent amount of pressure. Plus, newer model toilets often utilize compressed air or water pumps to significantly reduce waste. Compared to older models, new toilets tend to use only 1 gallon per flush, compared to 8 in older models.

Allocate Enough Time/Money to Home Repairs & Maintenance

This one’s important. A common complaint among home owners is that there is never enough time or money to take care of those small repairs when they arise. It’s important to keep in mind that the money you can potentially save by keeping up with home repairs are a pitance when compared to the costs associated with the catastrophic failure of an appliance.

home repairsMake room in your annual budget for home repairs and set some time aside in your busy schedule. If you allocate a portion of your monthly budget with these small items in mind, the impact will be significantly lessoned. Plus, you’ll gain a great feeling of pride in your home!

Organize/De-clutter your Home

Make the best use of your space. Home owners have a tendency to be pack-rats, regularly acquiring new household items while maintaining an unfounded attachment to older items. This can lead to a home bloated with too much, sucking the life out of your livable space.

One of the best ways to increase the livable space in your home is to increase storage, and make better use of your current closet space. New closets can be created between wall joists, and clever household gadgets like drawer organizers or a hanging shoe holder can help reduce clutter and keep you organized at the same time! Also, have a look through your household items with a critical eye - when was the last time you used that George Forman grill?

By following a few simple, daily commitments, you'll be well on your way to saving money and the environment at the same time, all while maintaining a home you can truly be proud of. If you're interested in finding a home along the one-of-a-kind Jersey Shore, we encourage you to contact Shawn Clayton online, or call 732-295-2222!

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