Smart Technology That Makes Life Easier: Ideas for Homeowners

Posted by Shawn Clayton on Friday, February 23rd, 2018 at 11:32am.

What Kind of Smart Technology is Right For Your Home?Smart technology is here to stay, and many homeowners are finding ways to integrate it into their everyday lives. These tips will help homeowners make their home a smart luxury home using all the latest technology and gadgets.

Smart Light Bulbs Brighten Up Anyone's World

Smart light bulbs can be turned on and off through a smart phone or tablet. Whether standing in the living room or on a tropical island thousands of miles away, homeowners can control the light in their home at the touch of a button. Homeowners like smart light bulbs because of the convenience, and because smart light bulbs make it easier to conserve energy. At any given moment, they can see which lights are on in their home, and if needed, they can turn them off.

Some smart light bulbs can even learn homeowners' habits and preferences, so they can imitate light usage while the owners are away. This feature can be used to make any home look occupied while homeowners are away, which in turn can help keep any property safe.

Smart Locks Keep Households Safe

Smart locks keep households safe in a variety of ways. Like smart light bulbs, smart locks can be controlled from home or a smart phone, so homeowners can lock or unlock their front door as needed, even if they are hundreds of miles away. Smart locks also keep track of who enters any home, so owners can have peace of mind knowing that the only people who entered were people who had their permission. Some homeowners attracted to smart locks are also attracted to the video doorbell smart home feature, which takes a video of everyone who comes to the front door.

Smart Blinds Keep Any Home Comfortable

Smart blinds are automated, so they can be raised or lowered as needed. For homeowners with windows that are too high to reach, smart blinds make it possible to control the amount of light that comes into the home. Smart blinds offer other conveniences, as well. Blinds can be set to raise or lower according to the schedule of the homeowner. For Monmouth Beach homeowners who frequently travel, smart blinds make it possible to block the view into the home so people from the outside cannot see whether someone is there.

Used in conjunction with smart light bulbs that turn on and off according to normal patterns, smart blinds can make a powerful home security tool. In other words, smart blinds can provide some feelings of protection to the homeowner while away.

Smart Thermostats Control Temperature

Perhaps the smartest of all the options is the smart thermostat. Like normal thermostats, smart thermostats control the temperature and humidity in the home, making constant adjustments to ensure the environment is more pleasant. Homeowners can program their smart thermostat to keep their home a comfortable temperature while they're active, then raise or lower the temperature at bed time. Like many energy-efficient upgrades for homeowners, smart thermostats can help keep home energy consumption down.

Many smart thermostats are designed to learn the habits of homeowners. A smart thermostat can learn when a homeowner is away and monitor their return. When they are nearing their home, some smart thermostats will even turn on the heat or air conditioner according to their preferences.

A Home Assistant Controls It All

Many homeowners seeking smart products will start by purchasing a home assistant. Home assistants can be used to control all the smart products in the house, provided that the products purchased are compatible with that particular type of home assistant. To ensure compatibility, many homeowners start by purchasing their home assistant first and other smart products later. This makes it easier to purchase all compatible products and create a fully automated smart home.

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