Check out our top-5 most off-the-wall vacation homes and see how you can rent an amazing remodeled jet or live in a shell!

Dog Bark Park Inn

1. Sleeping in the Doghouse

This is the famous Dog Bark Park Inn Bed & Breakfast in Cottonwood, ID. Cut out of wood, the unit is shaped like a giant Beagle and offers amazing views of prairie grain fields and the area mountains. It's a two bedroom unit where being in the doghouse is a good thing! Naturally dogs are welcome with their human owners.

Shell home in mexico Isla Mujares

2. Amazing Mexico Shell Home

Vacation in pampered luxury in this Caribbean Shell home at Isla Mujares, Mexico, which is off the coast of Cancun. It's a 5,500 sq. ft., two bedroom unit with a swimming pool and lush tropical landscaping overlooking the Caribbean. The shell home is located on an island, so it makes for a perfect getaway or the ultimate honeymoon spot!

Boeing 727 vacation rental Costa Rica

3. Flying First Class

Rent a home built into an old Boeing 727 commercial jet in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. It has two bedrooms, two bathrooms along with two patio areas over top of the wings. The interior is refinished with gleaming polished teak and looks more like a cabin than a commercial jet. It's air conditioned and has a fully-equipped kitchen in a lush jungle setting complete with monkeys, sloths and much more wildlife.

4. French Treehouse

This fantastic Tree house is found in Gabrielle D'Estrees in Vernou-la-Celle-sur-Seine, France. For $175 you can enjoy this one bedroom home that's carved and built into a 150-year-old oak tree. You can even bring your pet, but would have to carry it up the rope ladder! You'll find this accommodation in the Castle of Graville. It's got no electricity, so it's candles and old school romance!

Igloo vacation rental

5. Chill in an Igloo

Why not try something different and holiday under a dome of snow and ice? You can in Iglu-Dorf Davos, Switzerland. For $165 per night you can rent a standard igloo that can sleep up to 6 guests. Each icebox is about 215 sq. ft and there are five igloos available to rent out. There are also hot tubs and a bar carved out of ice where you can order drinks!

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