Licensed Real Estate Representative

Ervin Pupovic

Ervin Pupovic, Licensed Real Estate Representative

Being born overseas, and moving to the United States at a very young age, Ervin fell in love with traveling all over the world. Between the mountains of Montenegro to living in New York City. He has seen quite a bit in his young life. Living in Monmouth and Ocean County for most of his life he fell in love with the Jersey Shore. From a young age, he would always be going on spontanious trips to different areas of the shore and with each day he grew to love it more and more. Right out of high school he decided to pursue a career as an aircraft maintenance technician, as a child he always was curious as to how different things were made and always took apart anything he could get his hands on. He figured it was time to learn how to put them back together, and what better way then to learn about one of the greatest modern marvels on the planet, an airplane. Being that it is a demanding profession with a lot at stake, he has learned to perform very well in tough situations and always be on his toes. He has a drive for remodeling and building homes. He has worked with his father and uncle renovating many different projects over the years. Somehow he knew he would eventually pursue a career in the Real Estate Industry. He has recently joined Clayton & Clayton Realtors that serves Monmouth and Ocean County.

Office Location: 512 Main Avenue, Bay Head
Office Phone Number: 732 484 6579

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