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Welcome to Clayton & Clayton Realtors Inc., where you'll find the best selection of Bay Head real estate and waterfront luxury homes in Ocean County, NJ! Find your dream oceanfront home or investment property here if you are considering the beautiful Jersey Shore area. If you are looking for a truly refined home, we have the Clayton Signature Collection featuring the finest luxury homes in the Bay Head and Mantoloking areas. We will work with you to help you discover that perfect home! Check out our site and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

With our always up to date listings search, you can view every home or property that's currently for sale!

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Our mission at Clayton & Clayton Realtors is committed to our values and practices to provide an exceptional experience and the highest quality service to our clients. Our dedicated team serves our clients with integrity and respect, providing innovative marketing, their expertise of the real estate market and local connections to build lasting relationships.

Shawn Clayton is one of the most successful luxury real estate broker in Bay Head, Mantoloking, and along the Jersey Shore. Shawn has over 30 years experience, and a family history in real estate. Clayton & Clayton REALTORS® was established in 1930 by his grandfather Stanley C. Clayton. The firm has been passed down over the years through four generations of Clayton’s.

Each one dedicated to handling every individual clients real estate needs with care and discretion. With deep roots in the communities of Bay Head, Mantoloking, Spring Lake, Sea Girt, and the surrounding areas. More then eight decades worth of experience, Clayton & Clayton Inc. is recognized as the finest, most reputable and most productive firm in our market.
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Shawn Clayton, Realtor

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Clayton & Clayton:

Bay Head Luxury Rentals

We can also handle all your Bay Head luxury rental needs as well, whether you are looking for that perfect holiday rental, or want to rent out your own home for a period of time. Bay Head is a very popular tourism spot, especially in the summer months and rentals fill up quickly along the Jersey Shores Gold Coast. Check out our rental page for a great selection of homes to rent for that perfect beach-side vacation on the Jersey shore! We can also help find the right investment property for you. With 40,000 summertime visitors to the Bay Head/Mantoloking area each year, owning property and renting it out is a great way to invest. We value our elite clientele and strive to keep our reputation of having the expertise and unmatched ability to connect our clientele with the best luxury homes, investment and waterfront properties in New Jersey!

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Serving the Bay Head and Mantoloking NJ real estate community for 88 years, Clayton & Clayton Realtors Inc. is a family-owned business established in 1930 by Stanley C. Clayton. Since then, the company has been handed down through four generations of Claytons, all of whom handle every client's real estate needs carefully and discretely.

We value our elite clientele and strive to keep our reputation of having the expertise and unmatched ability to connect our clientele with the best luxury homes, investment and waterfront properties in New Jersey!

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