Home Repairs That Boost Curb Appeal: Best Ways To Invest Your Time Before Selling

Posted by Shawn Clayton on Friday, September 22nd, 2017 at 11:16am.

What Repairs Will Improve Curb Appeal?Before a home goes on the market, whether luxury, an oceanfront property or otherwise, making basic repairs can boost the curb appeal and make the property more impressive to buyers. Repairs that have big visual impact are more helpful for improving curb appeal of your Mantoloking home for sale. Knowing which repairs to make to your home can help you sell your property more quickly and can even lead to bigger offers.

Front Door Makeover

A well-maintained front door can leave buyers wanting to step into a home and see what's inside. Painting over old scratches, brightening the color and installing new hardware can make an old door look like new. This is a good project for a weekend and can be done by any capable DIY-er.

When picking the color for for the door, keep in mind that the color doesn't have to match the home. Sometimes a bright, contrasting color can give the home a wow factor that buyers respond to. For example, a red door on a gray home leads the eye straight to the entrance, and it may entice buyers to step inside.

Repaint the Siding

Repainting the siding can be a labor-intensive project that many homeowners leave to the contractors. Choosing the right color is an important first step. When picking a new color for your home's siding, it's important to consider a variety of factors. Avoid any colors that will clash with other homes in the neighborhood. For homes of historical significance, historically accurate colors can be a selling point for buyers. Finally, consider the landscape around the house and avoid painting the home anything that clashes with the surroundings.

Paint or Seal the Fence

Inspect your home's fence for peeling paint, and plan to repaint it if it is in disrepair. If the fence is sealed but not painted, spray the fence with a spray of water from the hose. If the fence absorbs the water, then this is a sign that the fence needs to be re-sealed.

Hiring a contractor to do this work can help make the project more manageable, but homeowners with a DIY spirit and time on their hands can also do this project on their own. Don't forget that taking the time to prep the fence is the most important part of the project. Scraping away old paint and cleaning the surface of the fence can help ensure that the new sealer or paint will stick to the wood when the time comes.

Install A Pathway

Pathways give buyers a place to walk while they explore the lawn. Pathways also prevent the grass from becoming worn down by people. Therefore, installing a pathway through your front yard can help make your yard more attractive and accessible. To install a pathway, use paving stones. Dig out a small path for the paving stones, place them in the ground, then fill any gaps between the stones with sand.

Sealcoat the Asphalt Driveway

Over time, asphalt driveways can get cracked and bleached by the sun. Sealcoating the driveway can make it look new. To have the driveway sealcoated, work with a professional paving company in your area. This is best done in the spring or fall, when the weather is dry and cool.

Work With Your Real Estate Professional

Your real estate professional can help you decide which projects are best to do for your property before putting it up for sale. To get started selling your home, contact a reputable real estate professional in your area.

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