How to Sell a Home With Low Ceilings

Posted by Shawn Clayton on Friday, September 8th, 2017 at 11:26am.

How to Stage a Home with Low CeilingsThere’s no one way to sell a home and oftentimes oceanfront homes with unique features call for a specific type of marketing plan to ensure it sells for as much money as it’s worth. Homes with seemingly undesirable features, like low ceilings for instance, might put off buyers if they aren’t advertised in a way that shows off their amazing qualities. Let’s examine some ways to get around the issue of low ceilings so that your home can sell successfully.

Marketing 101

Partnering with a real estate agent is usually the best bet when it comes to selling homes with unusual features, as they have experience and resources in creating a successful sale. Whether they choose to use videos to market a home’s spacious interior or suggest decorating tips to open up the space, they’re the expert on what will work best.

Sadly, homes with low ceilings don’t seem to be as desired these days, but that doesn’t mean that certain trends exist everywhere across the nation. A real estate agent will have their finger on the pulse of your neighborhood as well as adjacent areas and will probably know what demographic will be most attracted to your property.

Working With It

Sometimes it can be hard for potential buyers to overlook a home with low ceilings, so homeowners have several options available if they are willing to make some changes to their home. Depending on the availability of finances, time, and willingness to take on a huge project, a remodel could be a viable solution.

Low-cost options for making a room seem taller.can include using lighting to one’s advantage and making sure the rooms are painted in light and bright colors that open up the space instead of emphasizing how closed-in it might feel.

For those who own older homes, one more ambitious way is to actually open up the drywall and expose the beams up above. This can add a rustic appeal to any home as well as truly offering more space up above. If the wood that’s exposed isn’t as attractive as you hoped, a little sanding and stain can transform the space.

Some homeowners choose to have their ceilings raised, although be aware that it’s not an easy or inexpensive option. This type of major work should only be handled by a professional, as the structural integrity of the home could be in serious jeopardy otherwise.

Hope Is Not Lost

Owning a home with low ceilings doesn’t have to be a deal breaker in your Bradley Beach home when it comes time to sell the property and move on to something bigger and better. A partnership with an experienced real estate agent and perhaps a bit of redecorating are all that might be needed to do the trick. If you’re up for it, try taking on a more involved solution and perhaps even add some value while you’re at it.

Ultimately, the solution has to work for you and your timeline as well as making sure it achieves the sale price you’re looking for. Selling any home isn’t easy, so be patient and enjoy the process!

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