Sure Signs You're From New Jersey

Posted by Shawn Clayton on Wednesday, August 6th, 2014 at 10:58am.

Statue of Liberty in New Jersey

Those born and raised in the Garden State can certainly relate to the following signs you're from New Jersey and are more than proud to be a New Jerseyan:

1. You are well aware that the Statue of Liberty is in New Jersey, not New York, and you've climbed to the top at least once.

2. You know what jug handles are and you loathe them in a big way

3. You know just about all the actors in the "Jersey Shore" TV show are not actually from the Jersey Shore.

4. You have been to a couple of the places shown in the opening theme of "The Sopranos".

5. You have been to many diners, with at least a few of them boasting shiny exteriors.

6. Instead of asking "Where do you live?" you ask "What exit?"

7. You eat pork roll, not Taylor ham.

8. You know the Big Apple looks better from New Jersey.

9. You home is located within an hour of mountains, beaches, farms, a major city and at least three malls.

Point Pleasant Beach in New Jersey

10. You don't go to the shore, rather you go down to the shore. And if you're from the Jersey Shore, you simply go to the beach.

11. You can tell the difference between boardwalk pizza and every other pizza.

12. When you're at MetLife Stadium and the announcer says "Welcome to New York", you get angry.

13. You've been to at least one Bon Jovi or Bruce Springsteen concert and you know somebody who has met either Jon or Bruce.

14. You know where a Piney lives and you don't go there - unless you happen to be a fellow Piney.

15. You hate any driver of a car that doesn't have New Jersey license plates.

- with inspiration from Travis Sawrie

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