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The Essential Moving CalendarMoving is an exciting time during a homeowner’s life, but whether moving to their first home or their fiftieth, one thing that doesn’t change is how much work it requires to get everything in order. Staying on track while packing can be difficult when homeowners are also trying to juggle selling their home, and keeping a schedule can be a big help when it comes to making sure everything is running smoothly. When preparing to move into a newly purchased home, keep this calendar in mind, and it can help give homeowners what they need to be ready for moving day.

6-8 Weeks Before

At the beginning of the moving process, homeowners should begin with packing the low-traffic rooms in their home such as closets and guest bedrooms. While packing, it’s

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Museums to Visit in Bay HeadNestled within the heart of the Barengat Peninsula, the intimate town of Bay Head NJ has a story to tell. While just under 1,000 people call this borough home, the community has long held a prominent place in New England. The museums that have been created in this community pay homage to its settlement, its history and the industries that impacted the community at-large.

Visitors and residents alike find that spending a day at one or both of these museums allows them to learn more about this special place and to have a greater appreciation for the role it has played in the history of the state.

Bay Head Historical Society Museum

The Loveland Homestead was once the home to the Loveland family, a prominent family who helped settle Bay Head

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929 East Avenue, Mantoloking, New Jersey  requesting $6,200,000 

Positioned on one of the most pristine beaches in Mantoloking. This rare Oceanfront residence is located just north of south beach where you will enjoy private guarded beaches throughout the season. The pristine landscaping, offers entirely unrestricted views of the ocean. Jet tied on unique point of 75' of trophy coastal frontage. Compromised  of 5,045 square feet, strategically designed to capture coast line views from every room due to its prominent placement, embraced by natural curves and outstanding ocean front deck with over 1,400 square feet. The lower level is the main entrance to the home. You will find an abundance amount of storage, oversized two car garage and a crafting

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Father's Day is coming up this Sunday, so it's time to go shopping for gifts! Choosing the best gift for your Dad is crucial, even if they are acting like it's no big deal to them. The truth is, they've done so much in their life for you - they deserve the best and the most special day in their honor! Whether you're shopping for something extravagant or something budget-friendly - either way, your Dad is going to be happy to receive love and attention from his favorite son or daughter. Treat your pops right and check out these gift ideas:

 A shave set/ trimmer

Choosing a shave set or a fancy trimmer as a gift for your father is the most practical gift idea. Making those important business deals and impressing one's clients requires a man to look

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Home Buyer's Guide to DownsizingDownsizing can be a challenge; if the time arises for homeowners to prefer a smaller home to accommodate big changes in their lives, there is a lot to consider. In addition to being time consuming and labor-intensive, downsizing also means letting go of old possessions, which can be stressful. Home buyers who are moving into a smaller home must work hard to fit into a smaller house. These tips can help.

Get An Early Start

Downsizing takes time, and selling a larger home to move to a smaller house requires more stuff that needs to be eliminated. People who are downsizing their home usually find many creative ways to get rid of their possessions. Some will hold a garage sale, others will give away their items to charities or consignment shops.

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Unique location on Barnegat Lane in Mantoloking, New Jersey is where you will find this very private Nantucket style Bay Front home. This property offers 100 ft. on the bay. It has 9 ft. + ceilings on the first floor, 5 + bedrooms with several balconies, 3 baths, 3 car attached garage with large storage above. Beautiful appointed home with wraparound porches, Crestron integration smart house / sound system inside and out, customer signature pool lined with mosaic tile and beautiful gardens. There is extensive dockage with 2 boat lifts and 2 Jet Ski lifts. The outside amenities create a resort-like compound with beautiful panoramic views from every angle. Simply an extraordinary residence that has the best of both worlds, the bay & ocean just steps

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Where to Find the Best Coffee Near Bay Head, NJCoffee may not be the only reason for getting up out of bed in the morning, but it's usually a better reason than, say, going to work. Those in Bay Head NJ who have a need for caffeine have more than a few options to get their fix, but they may need to venture just outside the city to really discover the full extent of their options. Without further delay, here's a short-list of coffee shops so Bay Head residents can decide which cup of joe will best fit their own personal vibe.

Mueller's Bakery

Located right in the heart of Bay Head NJ, Mueller's Bakery may be more well known for its cake than its coffee. However, their famous pastries pair perfectly with the delicious bitterness of the coffee they serve up. Patrons especially rave about the

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When to Be Concerned About Foundation DamageHow large of an issue is foundation damage for homeowners? Problems with the foundation may show up initially as cracks above windows, an easily observable change. Cracks in the foundation can later become wider systemic problems for homeowners, especially if they are not addressed quickly. The foundation is an important structural aspect of a home and issues can make for extra expenses when it comes time to sell a property.

When Should Homeowners Worry?

Is a crack the end of the world? Not all cracks indicate serious damage. Some cracks may form as a result of natural settling. In such cases, home inspector Kelvin Liriano suggests sealing thin cracks in order to protect the home from water intrusion. However, this is one of the most

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How to Fix Your Roof DamageLeaks sometimes seem like the first clue that homeowners have roof damage, but a leak is really the ultimate breakdown in the roof's structural integrity. It's a sign that the roof has been undergoing major stress for months or years before finally buckling under the pressure. Homeowners who understand the basics of flashing, shingles, and joints not only have a better chance of catching roof damage, they also have the opportunity to save some serious cash on their repairs over time.

How to Check for Damage

The flashing of the roof is the material covering the joints, and the best way to check it is to actually climb a ladder to physically inspect its condition. Asphalt, composite, and wooden shingles should be inspected once every three

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Your Guide to Common Home Flooring MaterialsFlooring isn't just what a person feels underfoot when they walk from room to room, it's a statement of both function and form in the home. Considering the size of the canvas, it provides a huge opportunity for homeowners to express themselves while simultaneously protecting the home and the people within it. Learn more about when and where different types of flooring will work before making any drastic changes in a luxury or waterfront home.

Hardwood Floors

Often found in the living or dining room, hardwood floors are both a beautiful and classic statement for homes today. They're durable enough to stand up to heavy foot traffic and even heavier furniture, which is a huge plus for homeowners who have big plans. These floors can be

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