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Buying a Home with a Septic Tank Buying a home in a some areas can often mean owning a home with an on-site septic system. With no available municipal sewer service in most rural areas, on-site septic systems provide an efficient, low-maintenance way to handle and process home waste in a sanitary manner. Although designs can vary, depending on the soil, location, and other specific details regarding the home, most on-site septic systems consist of a waste pipe, a septic tank or tanks, and a drain field to filter the resulting effluent safely into the soil. When these systems are functioning properly and have been correctly designed and installed, there is little evidence of their existence visible above the level of the soil.

Before buying a home with an on-site septic system,

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Buying a Home on a Tight Budget When the budget is small, getting a house that's right may be a challenge––but that doesn't mean it can't be done. There are plenty of options for people who have small budgets, even when they want a house that really makes them happy and that they can love and enjoy for a long time.

By considering all the possibilities and exploring options that might not have been thought about before, the chances of getting a house that's a good fit is much higher. Before any buyer with a tight budget gives up on finding a house, they should carefully consider what they may be able to do with that particular budget.

How Tight is the Budget?

Tight budgets may mean different things to different people. For some, a tight budget could mean how many millions they

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Kitchen Changes Before Selling Almost every home can benefit from a few improvements, and one of the places potential buyers really scrutinize is the kitchen. This may leave sellers thinking they need a full remodel. Not only is such a gesture expensive, but it also does not have a great return on investment.

That does not mean sellers should ignore the kitchen, however. Making smaller kitchen improvements can improve sale prices and decrease the amount of time it takes to sell a home. Buyers are impressed with stylish features, so start with improving elements which look most dated.

Have a Theme

Buyers often look for a visual theme tying rooms together. Colors should complement one another. Fixtures should reflect a common style. Wood tones should match. Before you start

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Financial Ratios for Loans Prospective buyers preparing to purchase a home sometimes focus solely on whether they can fit the payment into their monthly budget and scrape up enough cash to cover a small down payment and closing costs. But even when there seems to be enough available cash in the budget to meet a monthly mortgage payment, there can also be a serious debt-to-income issue capable of killing the joy of owning a home. 

To understand how this relates to your specific home buying situation, speak with your lender and/or a financial advisor.

Understanding Debt-to-Income

Basically defined as the portion of the monthly household income that is assigned to meeting debt payments, most financial gurus suggest that the debt-to-income ratio be 36% or lower, in most

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For those who have ever closed on a mortgage before, you know that on top of all the complicated ins and outs of selecting a mortgage, there is a ton of paperwork to bring in, look at, and sign. This guide can help buyers with what kinds of documents are needed and which disclosures will be received during the process.

Documents to Gather

Prospective buyers may hear from friends and family members that it takes forever to get approved for a mortgage. The timing lies almost entirely in the underwriting process, where the lender has to verify the information written in the application. If all necessary documents are gathered beforehand and provided with the application, it will take less time.


The means of proving employment

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Home Wish List When thinking of buying a home, most people probably have a long list of wants for that house. The reality, however, is that it can be unrealistic to look for a home with literally everything on the wish list.

Even if a buyer can afford every desired feature, the simple fact is it’s rare to find a home that fits that long list of requirements. As such, buyers should prioritize expectations, isolating a handful of needs from a much larger collection of wants.

Identifying Wants

The categorization process can be painful. Consider these approaches if you're having trouble:

  • Require justification for it: Having four members in the household is certainly a good reason to need a three bedroom home. Wanting a fireplace because they're cozy and
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Credit Model Adjustments Most people know they have a credit score and that lenders review it during a loan process, but it is less common to fully understand how a credit score is determined, and what it predicts. 

Credit scores are statistical formulations that predict a person's credit worthiness. Lenders all over the country use them to decide whether or not to extend credit, the amount of credit they will extend, and the terms of the loan. Consumers who manage their finances responsibly and pay their bills on time enjoy high credit scores that are attractive to lenders. A high credit score can literally save them thousands of dollars over their lifetime in better interest rates.

Making Adjustments

Credit scoring model builders designed the credit scoring model to

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Getting a Mortgage Approval When you apply for a mortgage, lenders typically look for a solid work history, good income with upward mobility, and a great credit rating. The truth is that not everyone who gets a mortgage has perfect data when they apply.

Some applicants have all of these but one, or they have other limitations that make them less than ideal as a candidate. These tips can help you to identify what lenders are looking for, and how to find solutions to possible problems with your application.

Every financial situation is unique, so make sure to work with your lender and/or a financial advisor to see what can work for you.

Employment History

Obviously, a good employment history is vital for your mortgage application. The lender wants to know that you are

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shore spotlight, point pleasant beach, nj

Point Pleasant Beach is a popular Jersey Shore vacation destination located at the northern tip of the Barnegat Peninsula—where the Manasquan River meets the Atlantic Ocean. Connected directly to the west of Point Pleasant Beach is the ttraditional residential area of Point Pleasant, with the coastal borough of Bay Head located directly to the south.

Located just an hour's drive away from New York City, and only one-and-a-half hours from Philadelphia, Point Pleasant Beach is one of the top destinations on the Gold Coast for white sandy beaches, the action-packed Jenkinson's Boardwalk, and other family-friendly attractions.

A Long History of Tourism

Originally home to the Lenape Native Americans, Point Pleasant Beach was settled by

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Winter has wrapped a snowy white blanket around so many in the Northern Hemisphere, with spring still a very distant fantasy. Maybe it's time to warm up your thoughts by planning to relax on a luxurious tropical island, adventure through a rainforest, or bask in the Southern Hemisphere’s summertime warmth. 


Offering abundant sunshine and balmy temperatures, here are our picks for the best destination hot spots to beat the chill this winter, featuring some of our Leverage Partner cities: 





From the scenic slopes to beaches that have repeatedly been voted among the best in the world, a visit to Maui recharges the senses. 


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