Check the latest information on the ongoing Superstorm Sandy cleanup and recovery.

Luxury Riverfront properties

If you're interested in buying real estate on coastal water, it's important to proceed in the right way. There are many things to consider when making this type of purchase, and asking the right questions is key. In this blog post, we'll discuss some of the most important factors to keep in mind when buying real estate on coastal water. We'll also provide some advice on how to get started with the process. Thanks for reading!

What are some tips for getting

What are some things to keep in mind when buying real estate on coastal water?

  • Location: When it comes to real estate, location is everything. And this is especially true when you're talking about property that's located on the water. Be sure to consider all of the factors that go into…

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cut to jersey shore yacht taxThe way it is now in New Jersey, the purchase of a yacht amounting to $1 million or more sees at least $70,000 going to the tax man. Governor Chris Christie is looking to cut that 7% tax in half.

Christie was quick to emphasize middle-class savings but it’s the buyers of super yachts along the Jersey Shore coastline that would make out the best. With the proposed measure, no yacht buyer would pay more than $20,000 in tax, no matter the price of the boat.

Aiding the Road to Recovery

The proposal is expected to get Senate approval this month and is backed by boating groups throughout the Jersey Shore. The proposed measure is in support of continued efforts to recover from the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, the powerful super storm that…

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The New Jersey government has announced a new, $38-million deal to replenish and reconstruct the Sandy-damaged beaches and shoreline from Manasquan to Sea Bright.

Rebuilding beaches Bay Head Mantoloking NJ

It's the final stretch in a massive replenishment effort after Superstorm Sandy ravaged The Shore in October, 2012. The new project will cover the 21-mile shoreline from Manasquan to Sea Bright and will see reconstruction of beaches, stormwater outfalls, as well as implementing modifications to the existing groins of Loch Arbor and Deal. Seattle-based Manson Construction was awarded the contract.

The work will include dumping some 1.4 million cubic yards of sand on 1.6 miles of beach in Elberon and Deal. The project also calls for the modification of six existing stormwater outfalls…

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Heart of the Shore: Defying a Superstorm

The world premiere of a movie, "Heart of the Shore: Defying a Superstorm", documenting the lives of several New Jerseyans as they deal with the aftermath of Sandy will be on Saturday, October 11 at Seaside Park Beach. Directed by Cliff Charles and Ron Elliot, this amazing documentary details what regular folks have had to go through to get their lives back into some kind of order.

Following the utter devastation left in Sandy's wake, people living and working where the storm hit hardest faced all kinds of challenges and barriers to rebuilding and getting their lives back to some kind of normalness.

This film documents a year in the lives of those people as they fight and engage with Insurance companies, Mortgagors, and Governmental agencies to…

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Monmouth Count beach restoration

Almost two years after Hurricane Sandy struck New Jersey, officials are declaring the Monmouth County beaches as fully restored and in better shape than they were before the devastating superstorm hit on Oct. 29, 2012, and wreaked havoc on the state's 127-mile coast.

With repairing the beaches, the goal was twofold: To regenerate the vital tourism industry as well as protect property and people from future storms. Work by the Army Corps of Engineers finished in late June for Monmouth County, completing a massive stretch of widened beachfront from the Manasquan Inlet up to Sandy Hook. Officials say the renovated beaches are in better shape now than before Sandy after close to 8 million cubic yards of sand was moved ashore with a pricetag of $109…

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A new report from says the long-awaited construction of the steel seawall, that will protect Mantoloking and parts of Brick, NJ, from future super storms like Sandy, is set to begin in June.

A company called EIC Associates out of Springfield was awarded the contract (worth $23.8 million) by the state of New Jersey. As part of the winning bid, the contract stipulates the wall must be built within 180 days, meaning it should be done around November, 2014. The project cost will run up to about $40 million, with the federal government covering 80% of the costs, with the state picking up the tab on the remaining 20%.

The plan calls for 45-ft. high steel sheet pile to be driven vertically 30 feet into the ground, creating the foundation of…

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Route 35 contstruction and road work in the summer

Thanks to feedback from local businesses, state officials have now decided to end all roadwork along Route 35 for the summer. Concerns from business owners led to the change after the original plan called for the New Jersey Department of Transportation to continue working on the busy road along a 2.5-mile stretch between Brick and Toms River. That work is now scheduled to stop on June 13, allowing for smooth-flowing traffic during the busy summer holiday months.

The road is still being worked on after damage from Hurricane Sandy in October, 2012. The superstorm ripped up the roadway and, with federal aid, it's now a $265-million project to rebuild and repave the vital artery.

Transportation commissioner James Simpson recently met with business…

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Route 35 traffic, Jersey Shore vacations, Toms River Traffic Brick Traffic

Get ready to be patient behind the wheel this summer if you're vacationing along the beautiful Jersey Shore. While the state will bring to a stop most of the ongoing roadwork along Route 35 between Bay Head and Berkeley Township this summer, residents and tourists alike will still find themselves getting nowhere fast through certain sections that are being repaired following Hurricane Sandy.

Folks along the Jersey Shore will be impacted by a 2.5 mile stretch of roadwork between Brick and Toms River. However, people can go around the construction spot by heading inland, going along Hooper Avenue and Fischer Blvd. to avoid the congestion, but it's definitely the long way around.

That particular 2.5-mile stretch of road will see traffic limited to…

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A bipartisan bill approved by The House in early March would allow sellers to pass along their subsidized, below-market insurance rates to new buyers, while lowering the limit on just how much flood insurance premiums can go up each year.Ocean County flood insurance, Monmouth County Flood insurance

This is a good step for people in living in oceanside communities in Ocean and Monmouth Counties. The bill was approved 306-91 and the legislation would reel back a recent overhaul of the federal flood insurance program after homeowners in flood-prone regions spoke out about high premium increases.

As residents in areas affected by Superstorm Sandy continue to rebuild, the bill means prospective home buyers won't have to absorb high flood insurance rates, and families across the US can avoid what Rep. Michael Grimm…

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