What Can Home Buyers Do About Foundation Damage? Every homeowner fears foundation trouble, and the same goes for home buyers. Foundation trouble can be expensive to repair and a hazard if left unchecked. If you've recently made an offer on a luxury or waterfront house only to have the home inspection reveal problems, it's important to know the details of foundation repair, and what can be done during the selling process to fix the problem.

How Serious Are Foundation Problems?

A bad foundation is a very serious problem for a home to have. A bad foundation can negatively affect a home's overall value. Without a good foundation, making repairs or remodeling the home may be very difficult. If the problem is serious enough and if it goes on for long enough, the home could even face collapse. The…

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Home Insurance Guide for Beginning Home BuyersHomeowners insurance offers important protection for homeowners. When certain types of disasters cause damage to a house or when someone is injured on the property, insurance can protect homeowners from crippling financial liability. Once a home buyer makes an offer on a property, many buyers start the search for the right homeowners insurance policy. Knowing the purpose of homeowners insurance and the best ways to save money on insurance can help home buyers to choose the right policy.

Are Homeowners Required to Have Homeowners Insurance?

Much like group life insurance through your employer, individuals are not legally required to have homeowners insurance, however, it is often a prerequisite or the home mortgage process. Mortgage lenders…

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Buying New Construction: Factors to ConsiderBuying a house that has not been built yet is not the same as buying existing construction. These five questions help buyers understand what they will need to know as they shop for new luxury or waterfront homes for sale. What Is the builder's experience?

Builders can range from the smallest contractor just getting started to a multi-national building conglomerate with thousands of employees and decades of experience. Before buyers get too invested into the process, they want to find out more information concerning the builder's experience and general track record. They can do this with a simple online search, and perhaps taking a look at previous work completed by the builder. Experience and a string of successful projects show buyers that the…

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