When to Be Concerned About Foundation DamageHow large of an issue is foundation damage for homeowners? Problems with the foundation may show up initially as cracks above windows, an easily observable change. Cracks in the foundation can later become wider systemic problems for homeowners, especially if they are not addressed quickly. The foundation is an important structural aspect of a home, especially waterfront properties, and issues can make for extra expenses when it comes time to sell a property.

When Should Homeowners Worry?

Is a crack the end of the world? Not all cracks indicate serious damage. Some cracks may form as a result of natural settling. In such cases, home inspector Kelvin Liriano suggests sealing thin cracks in order to protect the home from water intrusion.…

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How to Fix Your Roof DamageLeaks sometimes seem like the first clue that homeowners have roof damage, but a leak is really the ultimate breakdown in the roof's structural integrity. It's a sign that the roof has been undergoing major stress for months or years before finally buckling under the pressure. Homeowners who understand the basics of flashing, shingles, and joints not only have a better chance of catching roof damage in their waterfront home, they also have the opportunity to save some serious cash on their repairs over time.

How to Check for Damage

The flashing of the roof is the material covering the joints, and the best way to check it is to actually climb a ladder to physically inspect its condition. Asphalt, composite, and wooden shingles should be…

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Your Guide to Common Home Flooring MaterialsFlooring isn't just what a person feels underfoot when they walk from room to room, it's a statement of both function and form in the home. Considering the size of the canvas, it provides a huge opportunity for Bay Head, NJ homeowners to express themselves while simultaneously protecting the home and the people within it. Learn more about when and where different types of flooring will work before making any drastic changes in a luxury or waterfront home.

Hardwood Floors

Often found in the living or dining room, hardwood floors are both a beautiful and classic statement for homes today. They're durable enough to stand up to heavy foot traffic and even heavier furniture, which is a huge plus for homeowners who have big plans. These floors can…

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Join us we are having to Open House on Saturday 1-4:00 pm in this beautiful beachfront community on exclusive Beacon Lane. 

1605 Beacon Ln, Point Pleasant Beach

5 bedrooms / 4 full baths 


Fabulous location one home from the ocean on Exclusive Beacon Lane. This beautifully designed community is known as Bay Point Dunes located in Point Pleasant Beach. This wonderful Seashore Colonial features an open floor plan which includes kitchen, living room with fireplace, sliding glass doors leading to a private deck and large outdoor patio. Great for entertaining In addition, this property offers four large guest rooms with baths, a comfortable master suite with jacuzzi tub, balcony and Ocean views.

1609 Beacon Ln, Point…

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Where to eat, drink, and stay in the Eternal City

Rome has been an epicenter for art, architecture, culture, and cuisine for nearly 3,000 years. Fittingly known as the “Eternal City,” visitors can walk the same cobble-stoned streets as Julius Caesar and Michelangelo once did.

But while its history is ancient, that doesn’t mean Rome hasn’t kept up with the times. Today, it’s a cosmopolitan metropolis that is home to world-renowned restaurants and five-star hotels. And we’ve got your guide on where to eat, drink, and stay while in the Italian capitol.


Portrait Roma

It’s easy to live “la dolce vita” when you’re staying at the Portrait Roma. Located on the stylish street of Via Bocca di Leone, where storefronts for Hermès, La Perla, and Marni…

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Guide to Paperwork Needed When Selling Your HomeSelling a home involves a lot of documentation. Home sellers who gather their paperwork in advance can help the luxury or waterfront home sale process go smoothly, so ensuring the following documents are on hand is important throughout the sale process.

Inspection Reports

Homeowners of Mantoloking and surrounding areas, who have recently had an inspection done on their home, must turn over the findings to their real estate agent before listing the property. Information about maintenance problems and hazards must be properly disclosed in the contract paperwork, so the real estate agent must have access to this information in advance.

If the homeowner has made repairs to the property because of the inspection report, then paperwork relating…

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