What Kind of Smart Technology is Right For Your Home?Smart technology is here to stay, and many homeowners are finding ways to integrate it into their everyday lives. These tips will help homeowners make their home a smart luxury home using all the latest smart technology and gadgets.

Smart Light Bulbs Brighten Up Anyone's World

Smart light bulbs can be turned on and off through a smart phone or tablet. Whether standing in the living room or on a tropical island thousands of miles away, homeowners can control the light in their home at the touch of a button. Homeowners like smart light bulbs because of the convenience, and because smart light bulbs make it easier to conserve energy. At any given moment, they can see which lights are on in their home, and if needed, they can turn them off.

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7 Ways to Boost Curb AppealHomeowners want to present their homes in the best possible light to prospective buyers. However, with a myriad of home styles and even more possibilities to make that home more attractive, it may be difficult to select the most practical, low-cost ways to spruce up a property. There are those homeowners that can afford to splurge. However, others want to get the most value possible from relatively affordable expenditures. What can homeowners with a small budget do to improve the appeal of their luxury or oceanfront home?

Use these suggestions when it comes time to boost curb appeal on the cheap.

Easy Changes to a Home

Get a home ready to sell by first addressing these common issues with affordable solutions. Tackle these problems before…

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When Is PMI Necessary?Lenders ideally want to see a 20% down payment from all of their applicants. This gives a new oceanfront homeowner a large share of equity in the home from the moment they move in, which makes them that much less likely to default on the rest of the payments. While 20% may have been reasonable for certain areas in certain time periods, the inflation in many cities today has been high enough that fewer and fewer people can come up with that kind of cash on the spot. Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) was the solution for these buyers to mitigate the risk a lender takes. See what the rules are before you start shopping around for lenders.

Standard Terms of PMI

PMI is a way to avoid raising interest rates for all potential homeowners. It passes…

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