renting your jersey shore vacation homeIf you own a property you’re looking to rent out as a Jersey Shore Vacation Rental, you really have two options: you can rent it out yourself, or hire a local property management company to take care of the details for you.

Marketing your home, screening renters and maintaining a rental property is a full-time job in and of itself. In addition to the time involved in filling and maintaining the rental, operating a rental property brings with it numerous legal implications that you may not be aware of. Hiring a property management company can help alleviate much of the stress associated with maintaining your property as a vacation home.

Help Finding Quality Renters

This may not seem as difficult as it is, but finding quality renters to fill…

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jersey shore summer rentalsWe may be deep in the throes of winter, but believe it or not, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your Jersey Shore summer rental. In fact, it may even serve as an ideal respite from the weather outside to let your mind wander to the warm embrace of summer.

The stunning Jersey Shore coastline stretches for 127 miles from Sandy Hook to Cape May, with many beautiful white sandy beaches and bustling boardwalks waiting to be explored. Some of the best, most luxurious and drop-dead gorgeous rental properties can be found in the central shore regions of Ocean and Monmouth Counties, in communities like Bay Head, Mantoloking, Point Pleasant Beach and Spring Lake.

Finding the Right Jersey Shore Rental

The summer rentals along the Jersey…

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spotlight on wall township njWall Township has established itself as one of the most desirable places to make a home along the New Jersey Shoreline. The township’s long history in the area and stunning natural setting are clear indications of why members of the community love to make their home here.

Established back in 1851, the community that 25,000 year-round residents currently call home was named after General Garret D. Wall, who commanded the Trenton Volunteer Company in the War of 1812, stationed in Sandy Hook. He would go on to serve as both quartermaster for the state of New Jersey and as a US Senator.

Deep Ties to History

The original settlement in the area, Allaire Village, founded in 1822 has now been immortalized as a living museum in the expansive and…

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new years resolutions for your jersey shore home

It’s inevitable. Every year at this time, folks think back at the year past and begin to make resolutions to improve their health and improve their lives. It’s all about personal reflection and individual improvement.

But what about the home? There are a number of simple, every day improvements you can make to your daily routine that will vastly improve the health and well-being of your Jersey Shore home. We’ve collected a number of small resolutions you can easily commit to that will have significant and far-reaching effects on your biggest investment: the home. Were you really going to stick to that personal resolution, anyway?

Cut Energy Usage

This has the dual benefit of both saving you money and the environment. Simple changes like…

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