Panting Home's FacadeIf you've ever considered painting your home's exterior as a DIY project, you might know how quickly it can escalate into chaos. However, there are some tasks that almost any homeowner can perform. 

Touch up the trim, paint the front door a trendy color, or brighten the shutters with a more compatible hue. The home will have a stylish new look, and you'll gain great satisfaction in addition to saving some money. Furthermore, in a real estate market like Holmdel with a lot of listings, a fresh coat of paint can help a waterfront home stand out from the competition.

Here are some tips for getting professional quality before you get started: 

Choose a Proper Color Palette

Choosing an exterior color palette can be difficult. There are a…

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Summer time means beach time. From summer dresses to hats to even sunscreen, we have you covered as to what to pack in your beach bag.

When Nicole Kidman arrived on the red carpet at Cannes in a show stopping Dior dress made of intricately woven raffia, it confirmed a trend that shows no sign of stopping. The palm fiber material is a natural for summer hats, shoes and bags, and it’s never been more popular.

No one does boho summer vibe better than CJ Laing, the Palm Beach shop (with Nantucket and Siasconset doors as well). Their raffia tote has leather whip stitching, fun tassels and beading. It’s roomy enough to cram in your Kindle, fashion mags, and a bottle of OPI’s Cajun Shrimp nail lacquer—a summer standard for toes. 

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The Importance of a Home Inspection for Home SellersA home inspection is a near-standard part of the home-buying process, from fixer-uppers to upgraded oceanfront homes this offers buyers peace of mind knowing that the investment they plan to make is a good one. But what happens if, as a seller, one of the prospective buyers orders a home inspection and the report comes back poorly? Take a deep breath, and read on. Here are some tips and guidelines to navigate this difficult predicament even in hot markets such as Manasquan, NJ.

Take Time to Plan

Both buyers and sellers want the home buying process to go along as quickly as possible. This means that sellers are provided with a little time to get a home inspection and deal with the results, but sometimes this is not enough. There are a handful…

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What Not to Forget Before Closing on a HouseReal estate is selling quickly these days, especially in hot housing markets such as Point Pleasant Beach, NJ. In some markets, homeowners barely have time to catch their breath between listing and signing a contract. Closings in some areas are equally swift and, no matter how prepared you might be for that upcoming move into your new oceanfront home, there are a lot of details to handle. Here's a preliminary checklist to help smooth the way for you, and to assure that the buyers actually get the house they expect:

Keep Up With Landscape Maintenance 

You may not have much enthusiasm for yard work once you know you're moving on, but there isn't a buyer on earth who wouldn't be disappointed and justifiably upset to drive up to a lawn that's…

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Becoming a Homeowner with a Low Credit ScoreSometimes life takes unexpected twists and turns, and these changes can result in not having the ability to stay current with your bills. Over time, this situation could lead to a lower credit score, and while that might not affect a renter, it’s a big deal for someone who wants to purchase a luxury or waterfront home.

Rather than giving up on the dream of home ownership in Bay Head or surrounding ares, there are many programs available to assist those who have had to overcome challenges with their finances. Let’s explore a few options for home ownership even with a low credit score.

Different Scores For Different Programs

There are many mortgage programs available to help those with less than perfect credit, but two in particular are very…

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