What Is PMIThere is a little thing called PMI which can add to the cost of owning a home and in some cases continue for the life of a home mortgage loan. Buyers who are touring areas should note this potential extra cost as this can affect the style and size of the home that can ultimately be purchased. Your dream waterfront home may take a little more effort to lock down. But not every borrower needs to pay PMI but in some cases it is necessary to make these extra payments in order to be approved for a home mortgage by a lender. What do you need to know about PMI? Do you have to pay PMI? Learn more about PMI and your options today.

Does Every Borrower Pay PMI?

Private Mortgage Insurance or PMI is often necessary for those people not making a down…

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What You Need To Know About Home WarrantiesWhether or not your newly constructed oceanfront home comes with a warranty depends on the province where the home is built and the construction company that built your home. In some states, a new home warranty must be offered to the home buyer. In other states, this is not required and home builders may offer a home warranty at their own discretion.

When buying a home, one of the many questions you should ask about the property is whether or not there will be a warranty. Generally, a reputable builder will provide a home warranty for buyers because warranties provide reassurance. If your builder does provide a warranty, it's important to know what is included and how you can use the warranty if something goes wrong with the house.

What Home…

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Hire a Pro or DIY? Homeowners who are thinking of listing their luxury or oceanfront property in the new year should consider which home improvement projects need to be made prior to placing their house on the market. Certain home improvement projects, such as renovated kitchens and bathrooms, are known for boosting property value while other projects, such as sprucing up the landscaping or finishing a basement, are better for improving the ability to market a home.

Regardless of the home improvement project that an individual has planned, it's important to consider whether to hire a professional contractor to complete the job or select the more affordable DIY option.

Home Improvement Projects to DIY

Nearly any home improvement project can become a DIY…

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How to Choose Solar Panels For Your HomeDue to recent price decreases, solar panels are finally becoming affordable for more homeowners. The benefits of going solar, besides raising the value of your luxury home, is just like other energy efficient upgrades — it reduces energy expenses and protects the environment—but what's less clear is the path to installing solar panels. Get tips on how to choose the right solar panel for your roof.

Calculate Energy Usage

The first place to turn when preparing for solar panels is utility bills. Gather one year of utility bills and add up all the energy used in terms of kWh, or kilowatt hours. If you've used 12,000 kWh—and the average U.S. household consumption is 11,000 kWh per year—then solar power needs to produce that much energy or greater…

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