expensive jersey shore yachtThe Jersey Shore consistently ranks among the most expensive and exclusive places in the country to make a home. As a result, the beautiful beachfront communities of Bay Head and others that line this Atlantic coastline have become renowned for the stable of rich and influential Americans that maintain residences here. NJBiz.com recently compiled a list of the fifty richest residents of the Garden State, seven of which make their home in our beautiful corner of the country. You might even recognize a few!

Ranked #49 - Jon Stewart, Red Bank NJ. Net worth of $80 million

Best known as the host of the long-running comedy-news show, The Daily Show, Jon Stewart got his start as a stand-up comedian before transitioning to movie roles and TV comedy. He…

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bay head yacht clubThe Jersey Shore is a beautiful and expansive stretch of shoreline going on for more than 125 miles of scenic Atlantic Ocean coastal beauty. The residents of the many exclusive Jersey Shore communities stretching from Belmar to Lavalette have a special relationship to these waters and deep connection to their nautical past. The many yacht clubs and boating organizations that dot the Jersey Shore are a prime example of this proud heritage and each one has a proud history of their own. Today, we thought we'd take you on a quick tour of some of Monmouth and Ocean County's more established and popular yacht clubs.

Bay Head Yacht Club

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111 Metcalfe Street, Bay Head, NJ - Established on September 8, 1888, the yacht club would be the first…

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