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cut to jersey shore yacht taxThe way it is now in New Jersey, the purchase of a yacht amounting to $1 million or more sees at least $70,000 going to the tax man. Governor Chris Christie is looking to cut that 7% tax in half.

Christie was quick to emphasize middle-class savings but it’s the buyers of super yachts along the Jersey Shore coastline that would make out the best. With the proposed measure, no yacht buyer would pay more than $20,000 in tax, no matter the price of the boat.

Aiding the Road to Recovery

The proposal is expected to get Senate approval this month and is backed by boating groups throughout the Jersey Shore. The proposed measure is in support of continued efforts to recover from the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, the powerful super storm that…

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Tips for winterizing your boat

With Old Man Winter soon set to rear his ugly head, it will quickly be time to get the boat out of the water and winterize it for the upcoming cold months. With that in mind, here are some tips for winterizing your boat to ensure it boat is properly cared for and ready to sit through the harsh winter, so you don't discover any nasty surprises when you haul it out in the spring.

Remove All Batteries & Clean Terminals

A good battery will last 4-6 years if taken care of properly, so make sure you aren't leaving the batteries in your vessel all winter. Also too, don't store them on a concrete floor, as freezing can damage the plates and drain the power. Try putting them on a 2X6 board and trickle charge them every months with a charger that has a…

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