Jersey Shores real estate, Jersey Shores homes for saleIn 1993 a Canadian band called the Barenaked Ladies had a hit north of the border with song called "If I had $1,000,000". So if you had a million dollars and could buy a home in an area along the Jersey Shores gold coast, what would you get for your hard-earned money?

Naturally real estate in some boroughs and towns is more expensive than others, but generally speaking, and looking at only single-family homes, here's what $1,000,000 will buy you: You'll usually get a minimum of three bedrooms, more often than not, a home will have four bedrooms and at least two baths.

Generally speaking, $1 million can get you a home that's often very close to the beach, sometimes even a block of two. In some communities, like Point Pleasant or Manasquan, for…

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A bipartisan bill approved by The House in early March would allow sellers to pass along their subsidized, below-market insurance rates to new buyers, while lowering the limit on just how much flood insurance premiums can go up each year.Ocean County flood insurance, Monmouth County Flood insurance

This is a good step for people in living in oceanside communities in Ocean and Monmouth Counties. The bill was approved 306-91 and the legislation would reel back a recent overhaul of the federal flood insurance program after homeowners in flood-prone regions spoke out about high premium increases.

As residents in areas affected by Superstorm Sandy continue to rebuild, the bill means prospective home buyers won't have to absorb high flood insurance rates, and families across the US can avoid what Rep. Michael Grimm…

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Housing Market Continues ReboundOcean County real estate market, Monmouth County real estate outlook

Over the past year, sales of single-family homes in Ocean County were up 29.5%, along with a 13.1% increase in Monmouth County, according to the New Jersey Association of REALTORS®. Condos and townhome sales were up as well, with a 20.2% increase in Ocean County and 19.7% spike in Monmouth County. And for 2013, closed sales in the Garden State were up 18.15% - their highest levels since 2005.

In January, the median sales price of a single-family home in Ocean County was $240,000, reflecting a 1.55% increase over January 2013. Homes in Monmouth County fetched a bigger selling price at $351,000, compared to $335,000 in 2013. When it comes to days on the market in Ocean County, sellers saw a 15.1% decrease as it took,…

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