Considering Buying a Fixer Upper Home? Read This Strategy Guide FirstBuying a fixer upper home can be both a challenging and exciting endeavor. While some buyers come across that oceanfront gem that only requires minor and superficial repairs, those lacking the right fixer upper strategies concerning buying can find themselves unexpectedly dealing with a money pit. Here's how to spot a fixer upper that boasts all the benefits such as a low sales price with potential for resale profit or that can become a dream home that owners can happily occupy themselves.

Things to Look For in a Solid Fixer Upper Investment

Whether selling or occupying the home is the end goal, these fixer upper strategies can help buyers make wise and informed decisions to avoid buyer's remorse.

Layout and Configuration—Those planning to…

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Condo or Single Family Home? With many different types of homes on the market in most areas, from luxury condos to oceanfront estates, it can be difficult for prospective buyers to decide which one will be the best choice for them. Ultimately, however, statistics show that most home buyers eventually decide to choose either a single family home or a condominium. While both can offer excellent value in today's real estate market, there are some significant reasons for buyers to select one over the other. Asking the following four questions is an excellent way to learn more about each type and help make the right choice.

What is the reason for buying a home at this point in time?

Understanding the reason behind purchasing a home can also help with making the decision to…

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Buy or Rent? 4 Considerations for Making the Best ChoiceMaking a decision to rent or buy a home is one that most people will face at least once during their lifetime. But like many common problems, this decision is not always an easy one to make. For those who are currently trying to decide whether to rent or purchase their next home, or those that will have to do so in the near future, the following considerations can clarify the process and help ensure the right path is chosen.

What is the state of the residential real estate and rental housing markets in your area?

The first point to consider when trying to decide between renting or buying is to determine what is happening in your local real estate market. If inventories are tightening up and a seller's market is developing, prospective buyers…

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Dishes to Bring to the Party This Season

During the holiday season, being a guest to a dinner party is much easier than hosting it, or so it would seem. Especially, when the invitation requests that you bring a dish for others to enjoy. But rather than shying away from the pressure of performing, embrace it. No matter your skill set in the kitchen, these recipes will have your friends and family coming back for seconds. 


Potato-Beef Canapes

This dish has all the ingredients of a well-balanced meal in bite-sized form.

Pro-tip: Prepare the meat the day before to avoid more time in the kitchen the day of the party. 

Figs with Bacon and Chile

The perfect combination of salty and sweet, these figs will satisfy…

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5 Home Showing Tips to Sell Your Home FastIt is not easy to know what to do to sell your Holmdel home quickly. This is particularly true for those selling their home for the first time. Sellers can use help in learning which factors to prioritize when showing a home to prospective buyers. What are some secrets to showing a luxury home successfully?

Understand what you can do to make a positive impression on buyers when showing a home today.

Leave No Stone Unturned

When it comes to showing a home make sure cosmetic flaws and small repairs have been taken care of beforehand. Shampoo carpets and remove any stains from children, pets or regular wear. The home should be painted prior to listing and cracks in the walls or foundation already addressed. Stains, cracks and peeling paint…

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Or take it off the market until next year?

Less Competition: Many homeowners that consider taking their Manasquan, NJ home off the market during the holidays don’t want the hassle of showing their home. And most waterfront house sellers who are considering putting their home on the market wait until the first of the year or until spring time.  

  • Less Competition.
  • Fewer homes like yours to compete with.
  • With reduced inventory means more buyers looking at your home, in person and online.         

Motivated Buyers: Anyone who takes time out of their busy holiday schedule to shop for a home is a serious buyer now.  

  • Buying for tax reason before year end or 1031 exchange.
  • Some buyers motivated to buy now with pending changes to…

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While you may be ready to pass the cranberry sauce this season, is your tableware? No matter how skilled one is in the kitchen, without the proper serving dishes, a holiday feast can fall flat by the time it reaches the dining table. From platters to gravy boats, place your culinary accomplishments on display in these fine dishes. 

Juliska: Berry & Thread Deviled Egg Platter The patterns on this platter are both subtle and refined, making it the perfect dish to present your first hors d'oeuvres for the evening.   

Riedel: Vinum Stemware Collection

While not technically a dish, your glassware is just as important at dinner. Whether your guests prefer a glass of Chardonnay or Burgundy, this crystal collection by Riedel…

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