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Kitchen Changes Before Selling Almost every home can benefit from a few improvements, and one of the places potential buyers really scrutinize is the kitchen. This may leave sellers thinking they need a full remodel. Not only is such a gesture expensive, but it also does not have a great return on investment.

That does not mean sellers should ignore the kitchen, however. Making smaller kitchen improvements can improve sale prices and decrease the amount of time it takes to sell a home. Bay Head area buyers are impressed with stylish features, so start with improving elements which look most dated.

Have a Theme

Buyers often look for a visual theme tying rooms together that creates a flow or luxurious feel to an otherwise perfect waterfront home. Colors should complement one

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Improving Curb AppealThere’s a saying that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. However, when it comes to our homes and their exteriors, it’s hard to look past chipped wall paint, missing shingles, and broken fences, regardless of whether you’re house hunting or just taking a stroll around the neighborhood. Homes tell a story about the people who live in them, and keeping your exteriors in tip-top shape is just as important as focusing on the interiors. If you happen to be preparing your home for sale and are searching for ways to increase your property value, these six useful tips will ensure you boost your home’s curb appeal and grab the attention of any prospective buyer.

Create a welcoming front porch

Improving Front Porch As soon as your potential buyers pull up to the house,

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Interior DesignEven though the world is facing rapid urbanization across the board, especially in up-and-coming economies, and even though residential districts are blossoming, selling a property is not an easy task. Prospective homebuyers are nowadays looking for that diamond in the rough that boasts all of the wonderful features that make life comfortable, efficient, and infinitely rewarding.

So naturally, if you want to elevate the value of your home and sell to the highest bidder, you need to stage the property just right. Today, we’re taking a look at the five essential rules you need to follow in order to increase the value of your home, and attract the perfect buyer to your doorstep.

Create a clean and clutter-free look

Modern KitchenFirst things first, you

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Record breakers

 The data providers for the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index share 

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How To Sell a Home in a Buyer’s MarketIn a buyer’s market, there are more homes for sale than there are buyers looking to purchase a new home. This creates competition between sellers to have the best home available so it can be sold faster. However, many homeowners don’t know the best ways of helping their home stand out on the market in Mantoloking, NJ, as well as surrounding areas, and end up getting forgotten. Here are some strategies homeowners can use to help their home, whether a luxury or waterfront property, rise above the competition to find the right buyer.

Set an Appealing Sale Price

A buyer’s market can naturally lower the prices of homes as homeowners try to draw buyers in to take a look, and having a lower price can be very helpful when it comes to doing this.

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Guide to Paperwork Needed When Selling Your HomeSelling a home involves a lot of documentation. Home sellers who gather their paperwork in advance can help the luxury or waterfront home sale process go smoothly, so ensuring the following documents are on hand is important throughout the sale process.

Inspection Reports

Homeowners of Mantoloking and surrounding areas, who have recently had an inspection done on their home, must turn over the findings to their real estate agent before listing the property. Information about maintenance problems and hazards must be properly disclosed in the contract paperwork, so the real estate agent must have access to this information in advance.

If the homeowner has made repairs to the property because of the inspection report, then paperwork relating

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Considerations When Selling a Vacation HomeRules differ for vacation homes and rental properties, and whether a second home is designated as one or the other can influence seller options for financing as well as carry tax implications for both buyer and seller. Options for vacation homes, such as waterfront real estate, may not be clear cut. When it comes time to sell an Ortley Beach vacation home, there also are tax implications that hinge on whether the property was ever rented, for how long, and how it was used by the owner and the owner's family. Numerous variables exist.

A second home, just as a primary residence, is considered a capital asset, subject to either short-term or long-term capital gains based on the length of time the home was owned. There are also possible tax

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7 Ways to Boost Curb AppealHomeowners want to present their homes in the best possible light to prospective buyers. However, with a myriad of home styles and even more possibilities to make that home more attractive, it may be difficult to select the most practical, low-cost ways to spruce up a property. There are those homeowners that can afford to splurge. However, others want to get the most value possible from relatively affordable expenditures. What can homeowners with a small budget do to improve the appeal of their luxury or oceanfront home?

Use these suggestions when it comes time to boost curb appeal on the cheap.

Easy Changes to a Home

Get a home ready to sell by first addressing these common issues with affordable solutions. Tackle these problems before

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Or take it off the market until next year?

Less Competition: Many homeowners that consider taking their Manasquan, NJ home off the market during the holidays don’t want the hassle of showing their home. And most waterfront house sellers who are considering putting their home on the market wait until the first of the year or until spring time.  

  • Less Competition.
  • Fewer homes like yours to compete with.
  • With reduced inventory means more buyers looking at your home, in person and online.         

Motivated Buyers: Anyone who takes time out of their busy holiday schedule to shop for a home is a serious buyer now.  

  • Buying for tax reason before year end or 1031 exchange.
  • Some buyers motivated to buy now with pending changes to
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Five Energy Efficient Upgrades for the Modern HomeownerWith a more widespread focus on environmental consciousness, energy efficient homes are in high demand. Eco-friendly luxury homes are often priced at a premium, offering potential buyers lower utility expenses and reduced maintenance costs. Additionally, a green home also promises an improved quality of life for homeowners in the way of in-home comforts and many health benefits. With a few simple and effective energy efficient changes to the average American home, it's easy to enjoy maximum performance and comfort while looking forward to the future, when it's time to sell.

Green Homes On the Market

Implementing a few simple energy efficient upgrades to the home can add plenty of value with little effort. In fact, recent studies show that

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