Keep Your Home Safe From These Common HazardsHomes are usually safe places, but it's important for new homeowners to be aware of potential hazards. Unsafe building materials, maintenance problems and other issues can cause accidents. Many of these accidents can be avoided, if the homeowner takes precautions. These tips can help.


Mold can happen when the conditions inside the home are humid and warm. Sometimes mold occurs after a leak or because of poor ventilation. Homeowners who find mold growing in their home must have it remediated in order to protect their family members from chronic health problems. Some of the common signs of mold include:

  • Musty odor in the home.
  • Appearance of mold on the walls.
  • Mysterious respiratory problems among members of the household.


Asbestos was once commonly included in residential building materials. Today, many homes still have asbestos in their siding, ductwork, flooring and other areas of the house. Often this asbestos is not a threat to anyone living in the home unless it is in poor condition. Asbestos that has begun to shred can release small fibers into the air. These fibers can do permanent damage to the lungs. Homeowners who are aware that their house has asbestos should have the asbestos inspected by a contractor to find out if it needs to be remediated.

Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality is a common problem in modern residences. Many things can contribute to poor indoor air quality including a dirty HVAC air filter, use of harsh chemicals to clean the house and VOCs in household paint. Homeowners who would like to avoid these problems can keep up with their home's HVAC maintenance, use low VOC paint on their walls and use natural cleaners instead of harsh chemical cleaners.

Slips and Falls

Slips and falls often occur on slippery floors in the bathroom and kitchen. These accidents can be avoided if the floors are kept dry, but this can be hard to do in the bathroom and kitchen. Some homeowners fix this problem by installing non-slip tile in these areas. Slips and falls can also be avoided if the homeowner keeps their rooms adequately lit.

Following these tips can help ensure that a home will be safe for members of the household. By keeping up with maintenance and making smart Mantoloking home upgrades, homeowners can avoid accidents on their property.

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