Guide to Paperwork Needed When Selling Your HomeSelling a home involves a lot of documentation. Home sellers who gather their paperwork in advance can help the luxury or waterfront home sale process go smoothly, so ensuring the following documents are on hand is important throughout the sale process.

Inspection Reports

Homeowners of Mantoloking and surrounding areas, who have recently had an inspection done on their home, must turn over the findings to their real estate agent before listing the property. Information about maintenance problems and hazards must be properly disclosed in the contract paperwork, so the real estate agent must have access to this information in advance.

If the homeowner has made repairs to the property because of the inspection report, then paperwork relating to those repairs, or a follow-up inspection, must also be included. Homeowners who work with a contractor to have repairs made must be sure to get a signed contract and receipt of payment when the work is finished. This proves that the work has been done.

Repair and Upgrade Warranty Information

Many contractors offer a warranty on their work when they perform an upgrade or a repair. Often (but not always), these warranties will extend to the next owner of the house. Having the warranty on hand proves a variety of things including when the work was done, who did the work and whether or not the warranty transfers from one owner to the other. Home sellers who don't have warranty information when listing their home can check with contractors who have performed upgrades on their house.

Appliance Warranty Information

Appliance warranties are similar to home renovation warranties. A warranty may or may not transfer to a new owner. If the home was recently renovated and the appliances are all new, home buyers will want to have the warranty paperwork on hand so they'll know how and if their appliances are protected.

Blueprints or Layout

Blueprints and layout documents are not needed to sell the home, but they can come in handy if they're available. Often a home buyer will want to know measurements and layout of the inside of the house, and may ask to have access to the home at various times during the escrow period. Homeowners who have a blue print or layout of the house that clearly shows the dimensions of the room can provide these documents up front. This helps make the escrow period easier for the seller and buyer.

Documents Related To Purchase

The home owner will have a number of documents on hand relating to their purchase of the home. These documents sometimes come in handy, so it's important to have them on hand when the house is listed for sale. These documents include the original home purchase contract, mortgage information, title and property tax information.

Rental Agreements

Selling a rental home can be complicated, especially if someone is living on the property at the time. Month to month rental agreements allow the owner of the property to evict the occupant as long as proper notice is given. States have different laws regarding month-to-month rental agreements, so it's important for the owner of the property to do research before trying to evict the occupant of the home.

Fixed term leases are different. Typically, the occupant of the home can continue to occupy the property for the length of the lease, provided that the occupant has honored the terms of the lease. When the rental home is sold to a new owner, the occupant of the home will continue to live there.

Either way, it's critically important to have these papers on hand when selling a rental home. The buyer will want to know what type of agreement is in place, how much rent the occupant pays, and other details. Rental homeowners can give a copy of the rental contract to their real estate agent. Here is a great site to download a free lease agreement as well as other great landlord information. 

Work With A Reputable Real Estate Agent

A good real estate agent will walk a Sea Bright home seller through every stage of the sale process. A home seller who wants to ensure that he or she has all the proper home selling paperwork should first seek out an experienced real estate professional. The real estate agent can help the seller to identify the proper paperwork to make the sale. Gathering this paperwork in advance can help the sale process go smoothly.

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