The Essential Moving CalendarMoving is an exciting time during a homeowner’s life, but whether moving to their first oceanfront home or their fiftieth property, one thing that doesn’t change is how much work it requires to get everything in order. Staying on track while packing can be difficult when homeowners are also trying to juggle selling their home, and keeping a schedule can be a big help when it comes to making sure everything is running smoothly. When preparing to move into a newly purchased home, keep this calendar in mind, and it can help give homeowners what they need to be ready for moving day.

6-8 Weeks Before

At the beginning of the moving process, homeowners should begin with packing the low-traffic rooms in their home such as closets and guest bedrooms. While packing, it’s a good idea to sort through things and decide if they should be taken, donated, or if they can be sold at a garage sale. If the latter, this is also the time to hold a garage sale to get rid of excess items. At this time, homeowners should also start looking into a moving service to use and contact them about availabilities. 

4-6 Weeks Before

By this point in the moving process, homeowners should be officially hiring a moving service in order to ensure a reservation. The homeowner should also be measuring large appliances and furniture items so the information will be ready for the movers if they are needed. At this point, it’s also helpful for the homeowner to start making a furniture layout for the new home so they’ll be able to direct the movers where everything needs to go without hesitation. 

4 Weeks Before

One month before the move, homeowners need to start buckling down and get serious about packing. Start with things that aren’t used often, such as holiday decorations or seasonal clothes, and work up from there. Homeowners also need to file for a change of address at this time as well as make arrangements to discontinue the home’s utilities so they don’t get charged for what isn’t being used.

2 Weeks Before

By this point, the purchase of the new home should be finalized at closing, and homeowners should be packing everything but the essentials away: if it isn’t food, clothes, or something else that will definitely be used before the move, it needs to get packed up. Now is also the time to start think about any pets that may be coming along on the move. If they need to go in a kennel or be specially transported to the new home, this the time to make those reservations. If the move is big, this is also a good time to refill any prescriptions and transfer them to the new pharmacy. 

1 Week Before

Packing should be well underway bordering on being close to complete, and the homeowner should no longer be buying groceries in order to use up what they already own. If food isn’t going to be used before the move should be donated to a local shelter or food drive so it isn’t wasted.

1 Day Before

The last day is crunch-time. Everything should be packed, and any essentials that need to be kept separate should be separate. Items that are staying in the house should be clearly marked so the movers know not to take them by mistake, and the refrigerator and freezer should be defrosted if they’re going to be moved.  All important documents needed for the new home or travel should be collected and kept together, and the homeowner should call the moving company to confirm the date and time of the move. 

There’s a lot that goes into moving, but this is a general calendar anyone can use to get an idea of what needs to be done when they move into a new Shrewsbury Borough home. For a more detailed list, be sure to research independently or ask a real estate agent. 

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