6 Landscaping Projects That Won’t Break the Bank

Posted by Shawn Clayton on Friday, October 6th, 2017 at 9:50am.

How to Landscape a Home to Sell on a BudgetWhen trying to sell a home, real estate agents will stress the importance of having curb appeal. After all, it’s the first part of the home potential buyers are going to see, so it should make a good first impression and make them excited to go inside. Professional landscaping can be expensive, but it isn’t the only option to boost curb appeal. Here are six cost-effective landscaping projects to boost Point Pleasant Beach, NJ curb appeal without emptying any bank accounts.

Paint the Front Door

Giving the front door a new coat of paint can give it a fresh new look and make it eye-catching to passersby. The front door is where buyers are going to enter the home, and that makes it the most important door. If the paint on your oceanfront home door is old and chipping or is covered in scuffs, it isn’t going to leave a very good impression.

Get a new Mailbox

A new mailbox can cost around $20 for a basic model, but even an inexpensive mailbox that’s new can look a lot more impressive than an expensive one that’s old and discolored from years of being worn down by weather. Having a mailbox that looks new is just another way to show buyers that this is a home that is cared for in every way.

Mow the Lawn

The home’s lawn is always important, and a patchy lawn that looks like it’s on death’s doorstep can be a big deterrent for buyers. Make sure the lawn has been fertilized and is as green as it can be for the time of year. Remember to mow it as well, but don’t go overboard. Mowing a lawn too often can have adverse affects and can even potentially kill it if the damage is too much for it to handle.

Take Care of the Garden

Just like how the lawn looks shows buyers that the owner takes care of the home, the state of the garden does as well. Make sure the garden is free of weeds and any dead or dying plants have been removed. While not necessary, a stone border around the garden can also be a nice touch that adds a little more character to the yard. Stepping stones can also be a good addition because not only do they look nice and provide a way to cut through the garden without harming plants, but they also take up space and require fewer plants to buy.

Plant Flowers

When choosing plants to fill the garden with, try to choose perennials: plants that come back year after year. Perennials are appealing to people who want a low-maintenance garden because should never have to be replaced, and that means they also save money. Native plants can also a good choice because they’re low-maintenance, and they don’t require any special treatment because they’re already adapted to the natural environment.

Learn How to Clone

How to clone plants, that is. It’s possible to clone plants by taking clippings from plants and preparing them properly. This can be a cost-effective way to turn those trimmed rose bush branches into their own bushes, saving hundreds of dollars in the process. The only downside with cloning plants is it does take time for a twig to turn into a full-grown plant, so this is best done well in advance.

These six landscaping projects can give any yard a boost in curb appeal without causing financial strain when selling your Deal home, but don’t be afraid to get creative. Yards and gardens are adaptable and thrive when given attention and care.

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