A buyer's closing checklist is an essential tool for first-time home buyers. We've put together a list of everything from your ID to your property records you can bring with you to make sure that you're prepared for the big steps in the buying process.

A) Driver's License or Valid Photo ID.

This is needed to identify yourself on all legal documents that are signed at closing. You should also have a copy of this on hand for any potential lenders who will be giving you pre-approval letters and other documentation.

B) Bank Info and Records.

It's valuable to have a written record of all the transactions you've had in your name. If you're relying on the home buyer's title insurance, this will be vital for determining the value of the property.


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According to a real estate agent in New Jersey, the holidays are a great time to sell your home as long as you start early enough in the year.

Many people love having a warm, cozy home during these cold months, but it is almost impossible to accomplish this without plenty of space. The good news is that sellers have more options than ever before, and they may be able to turn their property into cash if they choose the right buyer at just the right time.

This year, more people are embracing the idea of selling their homes during the holidays, especially since they have an excellent opportunity to list at the right time and price. December is one of the most popular months for home sales. People want to maximize their investment and move into…

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Bay Head - Christmas Walk in Bay Head

The 41st Annual Christmas Walk in Bay Head is sure to be a joyful time, so don’t miss out on this amazing event! Come join us for a night of Christmas cheer and help support our local community. With all the holiday activities, there’s sure to be something that everyone will enjoy. So grab your family and friends and come celebrate the season with us! We look forward to seeing you there! Merry Christmas!

Town of Bay Head  - FRIDAY DECEMBER 2ND • 5-9P

~ A Bay Head Tradition ~

    (Andi’s ~ Lake Avenue)
    Santa Arrives by Firetruck
  • HOLIDAY BRASS BAND • 6:00-8:00
    * The Scavenger Hunt Details to come.

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There is evidence that staging a property for sale can improve the final sale price by as much as seven percent. So it's well worth your time to review each area and decide what modifications need to be made. You must highlight your home's positive features while downplaying its negative ones to attract buyers. Here is some detailed information on home staging. Begin With The Outside First
Make your home stand out when potential buyers pull up to the curb. Depending on the nature of the improvement, it may be possible to complete it in a weekend and save money by using your own time and effort instead. Here are a few ideas:
To clean the siding, roof, fascia, and gutters of your home, it is…

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The Clayton's - Thanksgiving

The holiday season is a time for giving thanks and expressing gratitude. It is a time to reflect on all the good things that have happened in our lives and to appreciate the people who have helped us along the way. This year, I am especially grateful for my health, my family, and my friends. I am also grateful for the lessons life has taught me, which have made me a better father, friend, and business person. I encourage you to take some time this holiday season to express your gratitude to those you love and care about. It will make them feel special, and it will make you feel good too!

I can’t forget Titans & Ashley…who bring me so much joy…

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

-Shawn & Amy

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A seller's disclosure letter is a document that discloses whatever an individual seller knows about the property being sold. The federal government requires the paper to ensure sellers are not engaging in false or misleading practices to gain a lower price. The seller or their representative can provide this disclosure letter.

Reasons Why Seller's Disclosure is Important

1. Protects Buyer- In addition to protecting the government, this document is essential because it protects potential buyers. When a property has been bought and sold several times, the chances of something being hidden or left undone are much higher. A seller's disclosure allows buyers to be aware before making a purchase.

2. Some States Require Sellers Disclose- Some states…

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When you want to purchase a home, your realtor will ask you for a mortgage preapproval letter. A mortgage preapproval letter is one of the documents that must be provided to your bank to take out a mortgage on any home owned by someone other than yourself. This letter is one of the most important documents you will need to get a home loan and is produced by the bank, which will give you the money to buy a home. Once you have gotten your preapproval letter, you can negotiate for any mortgage you can find anywhere, including with your current existing lender. This article will consider the details of a mortgage preapproval letter.

1. Income and employment

A pre-approval letter asks for income and employment information and your financial status. This…

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Bay Head Real Estate - East Avenue

Welcome to 684 East Avenue in Bay Head. A Classic Bay Header with wraparound porches, chef's kitchen including Viking range, subzero and custom designer cabinets with large island. This wonderful home features, 7 bedrooms, 3 full baths and 2 half baths. Four guest bedrooms with their own balcony and a spacious primary with bathroom on third floor with amazing views of the ocean. The beach access is on Johnson Street and very close proximity to the town of Bay Head, as well as our local yacht club.

More Details: 684 East Avenue, Bay Head 

Listed by Shawn Clayton 

Bay Head Real Estate

Bay Head luxury homes for sale are found in the town's large historic district - one of the largest in New Jersey - which encompasses roughly…

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How Long Does It Take To Close On A New Home?

Buying a house is one of the most important decisions you will make. It may be something you've been dreaming about for as long as you can remember, so it's imperative to take your time and find the perfect home. To get you started, here are the steps between the day your offer is accepted and the day you get the keys.

1. The closing process begins: Plan for the big picture

The day you sign your contract to buy a house is an exciting time. A house closing process typically takes 30-60 days, but you must take your time and get the paperwork done correctly.

2. Place your offer

Most buyers use a real estate agent to help them submit their offer. The real estate agent researches the market, negotiates a…

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Bay Head - Real Estate Market Real Estate Snapshot

Market snapshot of the month of September  That shows that the market is still very active with regards to listing homes, pending homes and closed sales. This data is through our local MLS, for our local areas of Bay Head through Normandy Beach. This gives you an understanding of what the activity levels are. Our luxury market is still in demand but we’re definitely seeing some change in the market. If you’re ever considering knowing what your value of your home is in today market, please feel free to reach out to us...

Monthly Indicators

September 2022

For residential real estate activity in the state of New Jersey

The U.S. real estate market continues to slow as we move into fall, as rising consumer prices and higher mortgage…

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